A Bethesda Landlord's Guide to Evictions

A Bethesda Landlord's Guide to Evictions

It's estimated that landlords file roughly 3.6 million eviction cases each year. Evictions can be painful events both for landlords and tenants. They're costly, time-consuming, and often involve heated court hearings.

The worst part is they can be quite complicated. From filings to hearings, there can be a lot to keep track of. That's why we made this guide for you. In it, we'll walk landlords through everything they can expect when pursuing evictions in Bethesda.

We'll even offer some advice on how to avoid Maryland evictions in the future. That way, you get the most out of your property investments.

What Is the Eviction Process in Bethesda?

Before you can evict tenants in Bethesda, you first need to have a valid reason. You can learn more about the valid reasons for eviction by consulting this official eviction laws resource here.

The first step toward eviction is to serve your tenant a thirty-day notice. In some cases, this can be a fourteen-day notice. Next, you need to file a complaint with the city of Bethesda.

The sheriff will then deliver a summons to the tenant. Once you do this, you'll both need to attend a hearing.

Typical Evictions Hearing

Following an official complaint, most hearings will take place within five days. At the hearing, both parties will present their cases to the judge. If the tenant doesn't show up, the landlord will automatically win the case.

If you win the case, then the tenant will have a certain amount of days to vacate the property. Specifically, they have four days to leave if they fail to pay rent.

If they're a holdover or a breach of lease, they'll have ten days to leave the property. It's also important to note that a tenant does have the right to file for an appeal if they lose the case.

If you win the case, you will need to file a Warrant of Restitution to ensure that the eviction process doesn't start all over again.

How a Property Management Company Can Help You With Evictions

The main way property management companies can help you with evictions is by avoiding them in the first place. One way they can do this is through tenant screening.

Many companies like PMI Capital Region will verify qualified candidates by looking at their income levels, employment history, and credit scores. If you still need to evict the person, we can help you with all of the busy work.

You should also look for companies that provide eviction insurance. With this type of service, the company will take on any of the expenses related to evictions in Bethesda if their screened tenant becomes a problem.

Need Property Management? Contact PMI Capital Region

We hope this guide helped you learn more about how evictions work in Bethesda. Here at PMI Capital Region, we're passionate about helping landlords avoid the eviction process altogether.

We do this through a careful screening process of every potential tenant. Want to learn more about how we can help you prevent evictions with your properties in Maryland today? Contact us today and we'll answer any questions you might have.